Zale Smordin Obituary, Alberta, Canada Zale Smordin Has Passed Away

Zale Smordin Obituary, Death – It is a tragic and regrettable turn of circumstances that one of the stars that shine brightly in the night sky has passed away. a remarkable individual who left this globe far too soon after their passing away. Despite the brief amount of time that Zale was able to spend on earth, he was able to make a major impact on the lives of a large number of individuals. Son who never failed to bring his mother, Philipia Bates Renouf, and his father, Neil Smordin, an endless amount of happiness and satisfaction. Stepson of the well-known and well-liked actor Simon Renouf, who is held in high favor, is also held in high regard as a person. Smordin is the distinguished older brother of Dax Smordin and Ty Smordin (Hope), Smordin. Dax and Ty both share the surname Smordin. Hope is Dax and Ty’s shared first name. A heartfelt expression of gratitude comes from Daniel (Dani), Julia (Paul), and Renouf, who is the stepbrother of James Renouf.

Zale was an integral part of the basketball teams he played for at Ross Sheppard, the University of Alberta Golden Bears, the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns, and the Edmonton Stingers. All of these teams competed in the Canadian University and College Athletic Association. The Canadian University and College Athletic Association was the governing body for all of these teams’ competitions. He trained players of varying skill levels and took a genuine interest in the people he collaborated with in the coaching profession.

His nieces and nephews, including Liam, Jaxon, and Ava Smordin, as well as Ethan and Emily Renouf, hold Uncle William in extremely high esteem and have a great deal of affection for him. There will be a memorial ceremony or a celebration of the life of the deceased person that will take place at a later time after the conclusion of the private funeral service that will be held for the dead at a later date. We would greatly appreciate it if, rather than sending flowers, you would consider making a donation to the Stollery Children’s Foundation instead. This would be a far more meaningful gesture for us.

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