Yolande Fejes Obituary, Alaska House Art Gallery Mourns Yolande Fejes Death

Yolande Fejes Obituary, Death – We are writing to inform you all of the passing of Yolande (Sam) Fejes. It is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you all. She went to be with the Lord as she was surrounded by her loved ones at the time of her passing. She passed away without ever having to endure any discomfort or agony.

Her spirit is unfettered, and as a consequence, it is able to ascend to heights that defy comprehension. a wonderful person who is also a dearly loved friend and a tireless advocate for young artists, new artists, and old artists, with a particular emphasis on Alaskan artists whose work reflects their own place and culture.

This person is an absolute gem. This person is a stalwart supporter of aspiring artists of all ages, whether they be young, new, or established. This person has a long history of serving as an advocate for the arts in a variety of roles over the course of their life.

These are the emotions that I have for you: amazement, respect, and an unshakeable assurance that you are never far from either my mind or my heart. These are the feelings that I have for you. You inspire awe and respect in me, and I am grateful for both.

When I consider the potential that I won’t be able to get to California in time to say my final goodbyes to her before she leaves for good before her time there is up, it breaks my heart. I want so badly to be able to see her one last time before she goes. Sam was the very first person I ever thought of while considering the role of one of my close friends, and he continues to be that person to this very day.

Since 3rd grade. My love and admiration, which I have been reserving for Sam, who has been my Yola for a considerable amount of time, will continue to be set aside for him. This is not going to change in the time frame that may be considered fairly foreseeable. Please accept my deepest condolences on behalf of each and every member of Ron’s family as well as me and know that we are thinking of you during this difficult time.

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