Will Mills Obituary, Teacher at Wingham High School Has Passed Away

Will Mills Obituary, Death – As we notify you of the passing of Mr. Will Mills, a long-time teacher at Wingham High School who was extremely well-liked and respected by his students, we would like to extend our most heartfelt condolences to each and every one of you. Mr. Will Mills was loved and admired by his pupils.

Will passed away not long after the new year started, and he did not come back to our planet following his departure. On the following Thursday, the 12th of January, there will be a funeral service held at Pampoolah at eleven in the morning. The service will be in honor of the deceased.

During this difficult time, we want Julie Leslie and her family to know that we are thinking about and praying for them. Please accept our condolences. During this trying time, my deepest sympathies go out to Julie, as well as to all of his fellow coworkers, and I offer my condolences to every one of you.

In our thoughts, he will not be forgotten in any way. Because he was such a terrific person, I would want to extend my deepest condolences not only to his family but also to everybody else who knew him and was affected by his passing. R.I.P Mr mills

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