Wes Windham Obituary, Wes Windham, 52, Of Statesville, N.C, Has Died

Wes Windham Obituary, Death – On December 27, 2022, Wes Windham, a resident of Statesville, North Carolina, went away unexpectedly at his home. At the time of his passing, he had reached the age of 52. Plumas County, which is located in the state of California, is the place where he entered the world on August 23, 1970. His formative years were spent in the charming town of Burney, which is situated in the state of California. Wes spent four years of his life serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, and he derives a great deal of personal fulfillment from the fact that he was able to do so during those years. Over the course of more than two decades, he was a diesel technician, and he took a great deal of satisfaction in the work that he accomplished. He had a profound respect for the natural world and spent a considerable amount of time outdoors fishing. He enjoyed being outside in nature very much.

Wes’s maternal grandmother, Marty Mariani, as well as both his paternal grandfather and grandmother, Raymond Crawford and Vera Chronister, were both away before him. Misty Gillman Windham, Wes’s wife, is the only member of the family to have survived to adulthood. She currently resides in Statesville, North Carolina, and is Wes’s only surviving family member. His cherished animals, including Lil Boy, Sugar Baby, Snitch, Nitro, and Pooh Bear, are also left behind after he passes away. He was on quite friendly terms with each and every one of them.

Once Wes has passed away, his wishes will be honored, and his body will be cremated as he had ordered before he passed away. There will be a Celebration of Life with Military Honors held in honor of the departed individual on Saturday, January 28, 2023, at 2:00 p.m., and it will take place at the Chapel of Nicholson Funeral Home. Heather Besoin, who is a Funeral Celebrant, will preside over the ceremony and serve as the master of ceremonies.


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