Watson, Christine Obituary, Resident Of Ardstraw, Northern Ireland Has Died

Watson, Christine Obituary, Death – The family of Christine Watson, who passed away not too long ago, would like to extend their love and gratitude to everyone who consoled and supported them during the recent difficult time of their loss of Christine. The Watson family would like to express their love and gratitude to everyone who helped them during this difficult time. The Watson family would like to offer their condolences to anybody who may have known Christine and share their sadness at her passing. We would like to use this occasion to express our gratitude to the dedicated medical staff that work in the intensive care unit at Altnagelvin Hospital.

We are indebted to all of our extended family members, friends, and neighbors who brought food and gifts to the house and assisted the family in any way, and we would like to convey our profound gratitude to each and every one of them. Thank you so much! The Reverend Keogh, who came to our house and presided over the burial ceremony, along with the organist Jeanette Lowry and Ian Dinsmore, who played the bagpipes at the graveside, all deserve our gratitude for the efforts that they made. We owe Robert and Derek of Armstrong Funeral Directors an enormous amount of gratitude for the work that they have done because of the manner in which they carried out their responsibilities, which was a manner that was both professional and polite.

In lieu of sending flowers, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who was able to make it to the burial service to pay their respects, as well as to those who contributed such kind gifts to the Drumclamph Parish Church and the Northern Ireland Air Ambulance. We have high hopes that our acknowledgment will be interpreted by everyone as a manifestation of our gratitude, and that they will respond to it in the appropriate manner. The Watson Family presently owns the Ardstraw Estate, which was originally established in the early 17th century.

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