Tyler Ulis, Following serious car accident Tyler Ulis hasn’t walked in five months

During the month of February, former Kentucky star Tyler Ulis was sent to the hospital after his vehicle was hit head-on by another vehicle that was traveling in the incorrect direction on an interstate in the state of Michigan. It was an accident that led to him breaking bones not only in his ankle but but in his foot and wrists as well. After five months, he is still unable to walk without the assistance of another person.

However, he is currently participating in the sport that he adores, albeit at a distance. This week, the former Wildcat was in Lexington, Kentucky, presenting a skills camp, which was his second such event at his alma mater, the University of Kentucky. The first one was held at the Sports Center from the 29th to the 1st of July, and the second one is slated for the 18th to the 20th of July.

Other summer camps for children are planned to take place in Chicago and Lima (Ohio) this year. However, during this visit, Ulis spoke with the media about his recuperation. During this conversation, he disclosed that he would not be allowed to participate in any basketball activity for at least a full year. According to Lee K. Howard of WKYT, the individual stated, “I accept that I will be out for a year.” “All I want to do is come back here and provide as much as I can to the community….

I haven’t gone for a stroll in over half a year. I’m going to try to start walking maybe in the next month or two, if all goes well. If I start running at all, it won’t be for at least another four months. After that, it is necessary to work on strengthening your body and increasing your endurance. When competing at the greatest possible level, it is imperative that you are well-prepared in every respect.

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