Tyler Klaproth Modesto CA, Food Fix Truck mourns Tyler Klaproth death

Tyler Klaproth Obituary, Death – We mourn the unfortunate and unexpected loss of our beloved friend, brother, and the largest and most devoted supporter of all of our ambitions, Tyler (TK) Klaproth, with the heaviest of hearts and the deepest of pain. He will be greatly missed. Our hearts are completely and utterly broken because no one can compare to the kind of unconditional love and loyalty that you showed to us, and no one else comes close.
We have no idea where to start or how to even begin to comprehend this information.

TK has been by our side throughout the entirety of our trip. He can be found in every nook and cranny of the restaurant as well as the truck. Along with his unending companionship and affection, he bestowed upon us a plethora of treasures that he had thoughtfully and generously acquired for us with the intention of making our home feel more like our own.

He supported us all the way through the opening, cheered us on through every success, sang our praises to anyone who would listen, and contributed to making our beer list what it is today. He was and still is a dear friend to all of us here at Food Fix and an integral component of the company’s culture.

It would be an understatement to say that we would miss having him around. There is a big hole that is currently bleeding, and it is unknown whether or not it will ever be repaired. There will never again be a time when beer, food, or music can quite live up to their former reputations for excellence. Brother, we promise that there will always be a spot at the bar reserved just for you.

Without you, we are just unable to fathom how we will proceed with our plans. You will always have our undying love, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that future generations are aware of the grandeur you possessed. Cheers, till we meet again in Valhalla!

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