Troy Millick Obituary, Maryland Heights MO, Mourns the death of Troy Millick

Troy Millick Obituary, Death – As Troy Millick of Maryland Heights dies, he leaves behind bereaved relatives. Missouri has regrettably and prematurely departed home so soon, such as friends and family are also grieving his departure with heavy hearts. Troy has been a machinist with National Tool and Die in East St. Louis, Illinois, since its founding in 1951. Additionally, he has some background with the company for which he presently works since he was a co-owner of the business in the past. The passion for music that Troy had throughout his entire life remained till the day he died away. He taught it, played in various bands, and was always active in music. He continued to actively pursue musical endeavors till his last breath. Unfortunately, he was forced to depart.

His 66-year-old wife Agnes, whose maiden name was McFadden, Millick, as well as his parents John and Helen, whose maiden names were Strantz, Millick, all passed away before he did. McFadden, Millick was the maiden name of Agnes. His mother and father’s surnames were Strantz and Millick. All of his siblings were born after he was the eldest of five children. Agnes, by virtue of her ancestry, was also a McFadden. Children Mary H. (Michael) Marvich and Eileen (Joseph) Mena of Glen Carbon, Illinois; grandkids Rachael (Brian) Moad and Matthew (Karen) Marvich; great-grandchildren Cooper J. and Katelynn Millick; and brothers.

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