Travis Hubbert Obituary, 20-year-old Dies After Found Shot In Daytona Beach Driveway

Travis Hubbert Obituary, Death – In Daytona Beach, a young guy was shot in the head during a drive-by incident, and he did not survive the injuries he sustained; he passed away as a result of his injuries. On Monday night at 11:30, the police were called to a property that was situated on Tucker Street. The incident took place there. Travis Hubbert, 20, was discovered by law enforcement officers who were out on patrol. When they found him, he was suffering from several gunshot wounds.

After an appropriate amount of time had passed, the medical staff at the hospital came to the conclusion that Hubbert had left the establishment. Hubbert was reportedly at the home of a friend when an unidentified vehicle passed by, and someone inside the vehicle opened fire on him multiple times. The witnesses who reported the incident to the authorities stated that Hubbert was hit multiple times by bullets. These details were relayed to the authorities by the witnesses who were present.

“Whoever was responsible for this, stole a priceless treasure that was legitimately ours to begin with. They were blessed with a child of their own. They raised a niece or nephew as their own child after taking them in. Who is one of the grandchildren that they adopted and raised as their own? They went with a guy who was ready to have a family of his own. Shericka They took a man who was just trying to live and survive, so whatever means they used, it was senseless and cruel, according to Renee Robinson Cooper, the victim’s aunt. “They took a man who was just trying to live and survive,” she said.

“They took a man who was just trying to live and make it through the day,” “They took a man who was just trying to live and survive,” or “they took a man who was just trying to live,” period. Robinson Cooper states that Hubbert was on the verge of being a parent and that the baby was due the next month according to Robinson Cooper’s knowledge. Robinson Cooper also argues that Hubbert was on the verge of becoming a father. Robinson Cooper also maintains that Hubbert played football for Mainland High School in the past and that he is currently working as an electrician in the present day. In addition, Robinson Cooper states that Hubbert is currently working as an electrician. This information is stated by him.

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