Tonya Jackson Gilbertsville PA Obituary, Tonya Jackson Has Passed Away

Tonya Jackson –  Tonya Jackson Has Passed Away Unexpectedly Now that her family has made her death public, I can tell you that I found out this morning that my best friend from high school, Tonya Jackson, died overnight. I’ve spent the entire day in a state of astonishment. I transferred from Octorara to Avon Grove between the seventh and eighth grades, which was a very tough time to do so. I recall sitting by myself on one of my first days at AG-gym class. Tonya came over and said, in true Tonya flair, “you don’t want to sit there, come sit with me.” Lol. She was committed to me from that point forward. She was there for every moment of my and Ray’s high school romance (she and Ray share a sarcastic sense of humor, so they always got along well).

Tonya was never afraid to tell it how it was. She was devoted to her friends and family. She was a bridesmaid at our wedding and kept us all laughing. I can hear her voice and see her smile. I’ve only seen her a few times since graduating, at her baby shower, birthday parties when our kids were smaller, and a picture shoot I took for her and Naiya a few years ago. When I contacted Tonya for advice last year about Ash applying to Merck, where she worked, she suggested that Ashleigh apply to Eufins upon graduation, which is where Ash is now working.

Tonya enjoyed traveling and spending time with her daughter, mother, nieces, and nephews. She lived her life to the fullest, and I am grateful she did. It’s strange how life works. You take it for granted that people will simply show up. 2023 will be the year I stop taking things for granted and reconnect. I’m not sure how to end this piece; it doesn’t seem possible that she’s not just an FB message away. Make way for me, Tonya; I’ll be looking for a pleasant face the next time I see you.

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