Todd Hood Obituary Atlanta, Georgia, A pharmaceutical consultant has passed away

Todd Hood Obituary, Death – Todd Hood was born to Delphus and Sharon Hood on September 1st, 1978 in the Kentucky city of Bowling Green. Todd was the couple’s first child. He spent his whole childhood in Bowling Green, and Greenwood High School was where he finished his secondary school. He continued his study by registering for courses at Nashville, Tennessee’s David Lipscomb University. He eventually graduated from that institution with a bachelor’s degree.

He was able to complete all the criteria at the McWhorter School of Pharmacy, a division of Samford University situated in Birmingham, Alabama, in order to obtain his Ph.D. degree. Later in life, to obtain a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration degree, he went to Seton Hall University, which is located in the state of New Jersey. He received this degree in return. Todd was successful in building a strong foundation for the rest of his professional life while working as a consultant in the pharmaceutical sector. The foundation for the remainder of his professional life was set by this.

His unwavering devotion, unwavering loyalty, unwavering generosity, and long-lasting friendships are the characteristics of his character that people in his immediate vicinity most highly praise. The marriage of Todd and Elizabeth in the Reid Chapel on the Samford University campus made the year 2009 important. For Todd, who attended Samford University, the church had a special meaning. When they went on outings together, which happened often throughout their life, they had a lot of fun. He has been happier than he has ever been in his entire life thanks to his three children.

He was able to impart his impulsiveness, fun spirit, and immense affection for them to them, and they benefited from his ability to do so. A significant number of people, including his wife Elizabeth (Nelson), their three children, his parents, his sister and brother-in-law, six nieces and nephews, and Elizabeth’s relatives, will mourn Todd as a result of his departure. Additionally, one of the individuals that will feel Todd’s absence is Elizabeth’s family.


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