Timmy Mackessy Obituary, Timmy Mackessy Has Sadly Passed Away

Timmy Mackessy Obituary, Death – After much prayer, thought, and discussion, Timmy Mackessy came to the conclusion that the next presidential election would have to be decided without her. She passed away on Thursday, March 24, 2022, in her home in the company of her loving family. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 5, 1933, to Joseph Clark and Emma (Grasson) Clark, who has now passed away. In 1950, Timmy received his diploma with the highest possible grade point average from Marymount High School in Cleveland, Ohio.

After graduating from high school, it took Timmy a few years of working as a stenographer for the FBI before she understood her actual calling in life. In the end, she came to the conclusion that her life’s purpose was to love and care for other people, so she started taking classes that would prepare her for nursing school. As luck would have it, she crossed paths with a handsome young Naval Officer who not only won her love but also altered the course of her professional life.

She decided against pursuing a career in nursing and instead chose to devote her life to loving and caring for her husband, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Due to the fact that this labor of love was not sufficient to pay the bills, she also accepted many office management positions and gave support services for the many business ventures that her husband was involved in. Finally, she found a home at Ometek Inc., which was founded by her husband. After 35 years of service there, she decided to retire because she was certain that her responsibilities could be easily transferred without causing any harm to the company’s assets or bottom line.

Timmy never wavered in her unwavering devotion to God and the church during her entire life. She was involved in various church projects, including the Marriage Preparation Program, the Sunday Choir, the Funeral Choir, the Bazaar, the Women’s Club, and a great deal more. She was a founding member of St. Anthony Catholic Church. Away from the realm of religion, she was an accomplished flower arranger and a long-time member of the garden club in her area. She participated in both regional and statewide competitions.

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