Tia Nabours Obituary, Tia Nabours Has Sadly Passed Away

Tia Nabours Obituary, Death – Three of the victims in a house fire that occurred in Clovis, New Mexico, were positively identified by authorities from the state of New Mexico, who were able to positively identify three of the victims. Although the fire was responsible for the deaths of four people in all, the authorities were only able to definitely identify three of the deceased victims.

After being able to gather DNA from the victims’ bodies that they found after the incident, the authorities were successful in determining the identities of the people who had passed away after the incident. The authorities located the bodies of the victims after the incident.

On the 12th of January, in response to a fire that was reported on Wallace Street, the Clovis Fire Department rushed to the location where the incident was taking place. It was reported that the fire had been lit on purpose. Neighbors rushed to the scene in an attempt to save the lives of the four people who had been injured, but in the end, they were unsuccessful in doing so.

The house fire was responsible for the deaths of three people, including 43-year-old Tia Nabours, 41-year-old Chris James, and 33-year-old Joshua Ward, according to a report that was published in the Eastern New Mexico News. Tia Nabours, Chris James, and Joshua Ward all perished in the blaze.  The tragic event took place in the home of three persons who all resided there, and all of them tragically lost their lives as a result.

It is not possible, given the information that is now available, to determine the name of the fourth victim who has just recently arrived in Clovis with Ward at this time. At this moment, Ward is also in Clovis. This is due to the fact that the information that is now accessible is not comprehensive enough.

The victim’s protracted exposure to secondhand smoke, which occurred during the victim’s lifetime, was the key factor that ultimately contributed to the victim’s death. This exposure took place during the victim’s lifetime. The person was subjected to this contamination over the course of their entire lifetime.

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