Thomas Gill Springfield Ohio Obituary Thomas Gill Has Passed Away

Thomas Gill Obituary, Death – According to the reports of the Springfield Police Department, a man who was shot while sitting inside his vehicle on Thursday night has reportedly passed away as a result of the injuries he sustained as a result of the shooting. The injuries he sustained as a result of the shooting caused him to pass away. After conducting an investigation, the Springfield Police Department determined that Thomas Gill was the victim of the gunshot wound.

After receiving a report that a person had been shot in that area on Thursday evening around nine o’clock, the authorities were dispatched to the vicinity of the intersection of Kenton Street and Burt Street in order to investigate the incident. The incident report states that when the officers arrived, the first thing they saw was a 2013 Buick Enclave parked on the southeast corner of the junction with several persons congregating around it.

It is reported that the SUV was going south on Burt Street when it ran off the road on the left side of the street and crashed into both a hill and a stop sign. This data was extracted from the complaint that was submitted. At the time when the event took place, Gill was sitting in the position within the car that was designated specifically for the driver. He had sustained serious injuries to the left side of his neck, and the wound he had sustained was causing him to flow freely.

According to the report, the Springfield Fire Department made haste to transport Gill to the Springfield Regional Medical Center after he was injured, but unfortunately, Gill did not survive his injuries and passed dead while he was there. According to reports, Gill was attempting to escape the bullets that hit the little child who was riding in the front passenger seat of Gill’s SUV when the shooting occurred. At the time of the incident, the child was present when the shooting took place. The report indicates that the child did not receive any injuries as a result of the incident. The investigation into what happened is still going on, and there have been no charges filed against anyone as of yet.

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