Terry Bowlin Obituary, Driver Killed In High-speed Crash In Fresno County

Terry Bowlin Obituary, Death – According to the Fresno County Coroner’s Office, the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a fatal crash on Highway 180 early on Thursday morning as a result of a traffic stop that was being conducted by the California Highway Patrol has been identified. The crash occurred as a result of the California Highway Patrol conducting the stop. The collision took place as a direct consequence of the stop that the CHP had initiated. The stop that the CHP had conducted directly led to the collision that took place as a direct consequence of that stop. The event took occurred when all people involved were traveling along the street.

According to the reports, the individual who was murdered when the California Highway Patrol tried to pull over a car on Highway 180 at Blackstone Avenue that was driving faster than 85 miles per hour was Terry Bowlin Jr., who was 46 years old. More than 85 miles per hour was being traveled by car in question at the time. During that very same time period, the car in question was traveling at a speed that was greater than 85 miles per hour. According to the findings of the authorities who investigated the incident, a collision took place close to the crossroads of Highway 168 and Ashlan Avenue not long after the vehicle had been traveling at speeds of up to 140 miles per hour before it. This is according to the findings of the investigation that was conducted by the authorities into the incident. The findings of the inquiry that was carried out by the authorities led them to this conclusion. It was discovered that the driver, who was 46 years old, had been tossed from the vehicle, and it was later confirmed that the driver had passed dead at a local hospital in the region. The driver had been thrown from the vehicle.


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