Tammye Clark Obituary, Springhill, Tammye Clark Has Passed Away

Tammye Clark Obituary, Death –  Because one of our nurses died away not too long ago, we would want to use this opportunity to honor her memory and reflect on the wonderful life she led by remembering her and paying tribute to her. Since 1984, Tammye Clark has been working for Springhill, and during that time, she has developed into one of the most valuable members of our team, making her tenure here one of the longest. Over the course of the past 38 years, she has been an integral part of the process of labor and delivery for the vast majority of the women who have given birth at Springhill Hospital. Each of these women has delivered their babies in the Springhill Hospital.

Tammye focused the most of her nursing career on obstetrics and gynecology, specifically in the field of labor and delivery. Over the course of the previous six years, she has steadily advanced her career to the point that she is now the unchallenged head of our Mother-Baby Unit. She had a huge impact on both of our mothers as well as our infants during the time that they were staying with us after the birth of their babies and during the postpartum period that they shared with us after the birth of their babies. We all held Tammye in extremely high regard, and we affectionately referred to her as “our Unit Mom.” We held a great deal of esteem and reverence for her.

Because of her efforts, an uncountable number of new employees in the L&D department have been provided with the opportunity to grow to their utmost potential thanks to the training that she has provided for them. Please say a prayer for each and every member of our group, as well as for Tammye’s family, and in particular for her husband Ray and her daughter Tiffany. You can also offer a prayer for the rest of Tammye’s family. You may also wish to pray for the members of Tammye’s family that are not there. Thank you

. We would be extremely grateful if you could leave a remark about your time spent with Tammye below this post so that her family can gain some insight into the amount of happiness she brought to the people who received care from us. Because of this, her family will be able to witness the profound impact that she has had on the lives of others, which will provide them a great deal of happiness.


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