Stuart McCutcheon Obituary, Board Chairman Of The Riddet Institute Has Died

Stuart McCutcheon Obituary, Death – We are all in a state of disbelief and dismay right now as a direct result of Stuart McCutcheon, who was an emeritus professor here at the university. When we found out about his sudden death, everyone in the room was taken away because it was absolutely unexpected. Not only did Professor McCutcheon earn a degree from Massey, but he also worked for the university as an Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Research) from the years 1994 to 1999, and then he was elevated to the position of Deputy Vice-Chancellor after that. During this period, he was also granted a promotion to the position of Deputy Vice-Chancellors.

He oversaw the research initiatives that were carried out at the institution as part of the responsibilities that came with his position in this organization. In addition to this, although he was still a student at the institution, he was promoted to the rank of Deputy Vice Chancellor during this time period. In addition to this, during this time period, he was given a promotion to the position of Deputy Vice Chancellor at the university, despite the fact that he was still enrolled as a student there.

During a ceremony that took place in the month of July 2021, the Riddet Institute honored Professor McCutcheon for his contributions to the organization by bestowing upon him an appointment to the position of Board Chair. This was done as a way for the Riddet Institute to show their gratitude for Professor McCutcheon’s work. This was completed in recognition of Professor McCutcheon’s contributions. It was done as a way to show gratitude to him for the work that he had done in the past, and he took the gesture quite positively. During this terribly difficult time, his friends and family members are on our hearts, and we are praying for them.

We are thinking of and thinking about them. During this difficult time, we will continue to remember them in our thoughts and prayers. This is an exceptionally challenging circumstance that we find ourselves in right now. Everyone who is currently involved in this situation, including everyone who is participating in this issue, is having a terrible time during this current period of time.

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