Steven Cox Obituary, Steven Cox Has Sadly Passed Away

Steven Cox Obituary, Death -There is never a time in a person’s life when there is no chance that they will be taken by surprise by an unforeseen occurrence. This is because life is constantly full of unexpected twists and turns. The departure of Steve, Destiny, and three of their children from the house on January 21, 2023 brought about a major and irreversible shift in the lives of the members of our family.

As a direct result of this terrible and unexpected natural disaster, there has been a significant increase in the demand for travel, the coordination of services and assistance, as well as significant increases in expenses due to the destruction of property. In addition, there has been a significant increase in the number of people in need of assistance.

The only living relative of Destiny is a child who, thankfully, was not at the house on the day that the fire broke out. Destiny’s other relatives all perished in the blaze. The fire nearly took the lives of Destiny’s family members in its whole. This young one will be known as Destiny when they grow up.

Destiny served as the only caregiver for her offspring throughout their entire life. As a family, we are grieving for his losses in ways that are difficult to explain, and we are working toward building a strong interpersonal network in addition to a financial support system in order to be able to take care of him in the absence of his mother, step-father, and siblings.

We are doing this so that we will be able to provide for his needs in the absence of his mother, step-father, and siblings. We are experiencing pain for him in ways that are completely beyond our ability to comprehend. The pain he must be feeling is palpable to all of us. Because of the circumstances, it is difficult to adequately express the amount of anguish that we are enduring on his behalf.

Any contribution that is provided in the name of this family will be handled with the utmost care, and it will be treasured; in addition, it will bring some degree of consolation for the journey that is still in front of them.

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