Steve Mercer Obituary, Outstanding athlete Steve Mercer has passed away

Steve Mercer Obituary, Death – Steve was the epitome of a true gentleman; he was thoughtful, considerate, and generous (almost to a fault). He had a reputation for being a gift giver who was so generous that he would even give the shirt off his back to anyone who asked for it. He was blessed with a hilarious sense of humor that was uniquely his own. In spite of the fact that he suffered from hearing problems as a child, he was able to teach himself how to play the guitar and oil paint. In his later years, he experienced hearing loss. He read a lot of books, but his favorites were the ones that were about history and the natural sciences.

Steve’s efforts in the garden, in particular his research on various species of birds and his pursuit of hummingbirds, brought him a great deal of personal fulfillment. His dogs brought him a lot of happiness, particularly Puppy and Major, but he will never forget how much Lassie meant to him. She will always have a place in his heart. When Steve was only 18 years old, he went to work for Cessna, where he began his career in the aviation industry. Following that, he found employment with both Boeing and Spirit.

In addition, Steve traveled to Kodiak, Alaska, where he worked on a salmon tender that was owned by both Steve’s sister Marla and his brother-in-law Bob Krueger. Steve’s sister Marla and Bob Krueger were married. It was in February of this year when he made the choice to leave his position at Spirit. Olive I. Lawson and Sylvester M. Mercer, Steve’s mother and father, as well as his half-sister Judy Michael and half-brother Jerry Mercer, all died before Steve did. Steve is the only survivor of his immediate family.

He is survived by his half-sisters Teresa Dvorak and Marla Krueger and her husband Bob, as well as his close friends and cousin Sheri (Mercer) Olmstead and her husband Dale, in addition to a large number of nieces, nephews, and cousins. He is also survived by a large number of nieces, nephews, and cousins. His mother had already passed away when he was born. Sheri (Mercer) Olmstead is the sole surviving member of his family.

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