Steve Hernandez Obituary Aurora Illinois Has passed away peacefully

Steve Hernandez Obituary – We are writing to offer our most sincere sympathies to you and the rest of the La Cabana family on the passing of Steve Hernandez, who owned and operated the business. This is a piece of news that we have to deliver to you with a heavy heart. Since 1992, when he took over the family business from his father, Dad has devoted his entire life to ensuring that customers who value our traditional Mexican cuisine receive the highest level of service that is humanly possible.

He has done this by providing them with the best traditional Mexican food we can make. During this difficult time, we ask that you remember the family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this moment of mourning. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Our condolences go out to them on the passing of their loved one.

We are fully conscious of the fact that each and every one of you is a member of our family, and in the very near future, we are going to have a conversation with each and every one of you about the particulars of the arrangements. In order to honor him and pay tribute to his life in some fashion during the course of the subsequent weekend, the staff members of La Cabana have expressed a desire to keep the restaurant open over that time period.

This will occur throughout the course of the following few days. Starting on Monday, our family business, which has been operating in Aurora and the communities that are located in its immediate vicinity for more than 55 years, will be closed for an amount of time that is not yet determined until we come to a decision regarding the future of our company. This decision will be made before Monday.


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