Stephanie Stone Obituary, Woman, 64, Shot and Killed In Montgomery Identified

Stephanie Stone Obituary, Death – It has been determined that the deceased individual whose body was found to have been shot to death on Thursday afternoon was in fact the primary subject of the investigation that is currently being carried out. the investigation is being carried out by the police. After conducting some research, the Montgomery Police Department arrived at the conclusion that they are aware of the individual who was responsible for making the identification.

The lifeless body of Stephanie Stone, who resided in Montgomery and was 64 years old, was found in the 3200 block of Gatsby Lane, which is located in close proximity to Zelda Road. According to the officials, the deceased body had a fatal gunshot wound. Zelda Road is very near to where the area in question is situated. The proximity of the area to Zelda Road is one of the reasons it is so well-known. It has been established that the scene of the incident was situated within the Zelda Road neighborhood of the city in some kind. It was approximately 12:20 in the afternoon when the scene of the murder was discovered, and it was determined that the victim had sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the head as a result of the incident. The major office and corporate headquarters of the corporation are both housed in the same building in the city of Montgomery.

It has been repeated by the police that they are continuing their investigation into the incident in order to acquire new information, which is in keeping with what they had said in a previous statement that they would be doing. In the event that you have any information that you believe may be pertinent to this inquiry, you are urged to get in touch with the Montgomery Police Department by dialing the number shown below: Calling 334-625-2831, Central Alabama CrimeStoppers at the following number: 334-215-STOP, or their confidential witness line at the following number: 334-625-4000 are all good ways to get in touch with the authorities. You can get in touch with the Montgomery Police Department on their website if you have any questions or concerns about the investigation they are doing. The solutions to all of these numerical questions can be found farther down the page. I am grateful.


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