Stella Paterson Obituary, NYC Lawrenceville School Student has died

Stella Paterson Obituary, Death – Stella Paterson has sadly passed away. Stella was born in Janow Lublin, Poland, on June 13. Poland had a difficult year as an inexperienced government dealt with issues such as severe war damage, a decimated economy, and widespread corruption. Stella’s family made the decision to cross the seas in quest of a better life, eventually settling in Canada. Stella grew up in Manitoba, Canada, with her brothers Chester and Jean. Stella’s father worked at a paper mill, and Stella’s mother cared for the children at home. Her mother adored her family and made sure there was always delicious, home-cooked Polish cuisine on the table.

Stella was soon enrolled in elementary school as the years passed. Stella despised school and was known to hide behind the porch to avoid going! When her parents noticed her, the jig was up, and Stella got a good whooping. Stella and her younger sister, Jean, were childhood best friends who liked to romp about their small town. Their favorite hobbies included picking blueberries, going to the movies and parties, and listening to music from the 1940s and 1950s on their neighbor’s radio. Stella liked to drum and was a member of a local band.

When Stella was a young woman, she met the man who would become her life’s love: Walter Patterson. Stella and Walter met at a party and fell in love right away. In July 1963, the happy couple married on a gorgeous summer day. Stella and Walter enjoy traveling and living life to the fullest. Stella worked for an airline, so she and her husband were able to enjoy many wonderful adventures together. Stella and Walter also liked going for local bike rides.

Despite the death of Stella’s loving husband Walter, she maintained a positive outlook on life. She cared deeply about her family and would go out of her way to help friends and relatives. She made an effort to attend every holiday gathering and birthday party, and her bright smile and positive attitude brought each event to life. Stella used her free time to show her artistic side by making lovely sewing projects. Stella Patterson was a compassionate sister and daughter, as well as a loving wife and friend. Her brilliant smile, love for others, and limitless excitement for life will be missed by all who knew her.

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