Smitty Smith Obituary, Smitty Smith Has Sadly Passed Away

Smitty Smith Obituary, Death – Smith, the son of Paul and Lula Elliott Smith, both of whom predeceased him, passed from this world to the next on Monday, January 2, 2023, at his home. On April 14, 1933, James was born on the Cherokee Plantation; later in life, the family migrated to the Roadside Village in Yemassee, South Carolina. He received his diploma from Colleton High School after attending public schools throughout his studies. Smith entered the workforce after getting his diploma and found work at the Hill Truck Stop in Yemassee, South Carolina. He’s been there since then. For many years, James was an absolutely essential element of their team.

Hill’s Truck Stop, which was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, supplied transportation for all employees, and he worked there as a maintenance specialist. James ensured that the company’s day and overnight activities operated smoothly the entire time. James decided to work in law enforcement because he wanted to make a change in his professional life. He received his diploma from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia, South Carolina, where he spent his whole education. As a result of this accomplishment, he was later assigned to the position of deputy sheriff in Colleton County. If offered this desired position and the opportunity to work there, James would be the third African-American hired by the agency under the command of the late Sheriff John I. Seigler.

When the early 1980s arrived, James made the decision to retire his badge, remove his hat, and retire his outfit. He also made the decision to leave the Sheriff’s Office. Remembering the teachings he learned as a child, James adhered to the idea of “Never put all of your eggs in one basket.” While working for the Sheriff’s Department, James established and operated his own grocery shop, Roadside “Smith’s” Grocery Store, in his birthplace of Yemassee, South Carolina. This happened while he was working for the Sheriff’s Department. People would stop by this supermarket on their way to their destination to get gas, lunch meat, sweets, drinks, or whatever else came to mind at this particular grocery store. Until March 2018, this business would be the focal center of both the neighborhood and his personal life.

In 1987, while working at Novits Shoe Store in Walterboro, South Carolina, James noticed a beautiful woman named Naomi who was browsing for shoes. Because of her gorgeous appearance, James was immediately captivated to her. However, James was not out looking for shoes, and Naomi never purchased any footwear. What transpired after that is now historical fact! James and Naomi have been married for nearly forty-four years, and they have had a long and fulfilling life together filled with love, togetherness, and always being there for one another.

Everyone who knew James knew that there was only one thing he loved more than his grocery company, and that was his green 1967 Ford Galaxy 500, which he had purchased brand new. James’ grocery business was one of the few things he truly owned. James was rendered speechless and unable to find the perfect words to express his sadness after his cherished vehicle was lost in a fire at his home in November 2021. His wife Naomi’s words of encouragement to him were, “I am sorry that the automobile was wrecked, but I am thankful that you are okay.” Your life is more important, and I’m glad you’re still around to enjoy it.


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