Sinthia Fernandez Obituary, San Jose California Sinthia Fernandez Died In A car accident

Sinthia Fernandez Obituary, San Jose California Sinthia Fernandez Died In A car accident

Sinthia Fernandez Obituary, Death – Sinthia Fernandez Death Was Mourn On Social Media –  I’d like to begin by introducing myself; my name is Kassandra, and I’m the one who is planning this fundraising event in order to pay for my cherished sister Sinthia’s funeral and burial expenses. I’d want to thank you all in advance for your generosity and support. I would like to express gratitude for taking the time to read this and express the hope that it will be of some assistance to you. Sinthia was tragically involved in a car accident on January 19, which ultimately led to her demise as a consequence of the injuries she experienced. Sinthia’s passing came about as a result of the injuries she sustained.

The most recent time we saw her, she was barely 22 years old, having recently celebrated her birthday. One of the many reasons why she has a possibility of succeeding is the fact that she is loved and cared for, but there are many other reasons as well. Among the many other variables are the following: She was excellent in the art of nail design, and it had always been one of her life’s goals to own a beauty business in addition to the restaurant that she already owned and operated.

Her mastery of this subject allowed her to realize her goal and fulfill her ambition. Her fingernails were always immaculate, and she took great care of them. She had a lot of plans for this year, but God took her away from this world far too soon after she had already accomplished a lot of her goals. She was disappointed about this because she had a lot of things she wanted to accomplish. She had a deep sense of dissatisfaction with this.

In order for my family and I to arrange a burial ceremony that is proper for the woman who passed away not too long ago, it would mean a great deal to us if you could lend us your assistance. We would be very grateful if you could do this. You are deserving of the greatest portion of my gratitude. Click Here to View Sinthia Fernandez Go Fund Me Obituary


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