Shirley Deedy Obituary, Domino Yacht Club Mourns Shirley Deedy’s Death

Shirley Deedy Obituary, Death – Once again, it is with a sorrowful heart that we must break the news that a treasured member of the Domino Yacht Club has died away. The news has left us with a heavy heart. Shirley Deedy lost her battle with cancer on January 14th, 2019, following a protracted period of treatment.

Both Shirley and Bob were DYC Lifetime Members, and the lack of their presence throughout the course of the most recent several years has been keenly seen and lamented. When Shirley was still alive, Bob had already passed away. Bob was the one who had passed away.

During this difficult time, we would like to offer each and every member of the Deedy family our most sincere condolences. We are really sorry for the loss of your loved one. It is with great regret that we must be the ones to deliver the sad news to you, but Bob Deedy, one of our very own, has passed away.

This decision was made with a heavy feeling in our hearts. Bob and Shirley have been contributing members of the Domino community on a consistent basis since since the Domino Yacht Club was established in 1977. This has been possible because of their membership in the Domino Yacht Club.

Since then, many who live in the Domino area have come to view those individuals as fundamentally important contributors to the community. Everyone whose life Bob has touched will remember him as someone who was always ready with a tale to tell and a smile on his face.

Bob will be remembered as someone who was always ready with a story to tell and a smile on his face. They are all going to hold dear the recollections they have of him. On the occasion of the passing of a member of the Deedy family, our most heartfelt condolences go out to Shirley, the enchanting and vibrant woman who was Bob’s wife, as well as to the rest of the Deedy family. Bob was Shirley’s husband. The memorial services and funerals that follow are being held in honor of Bob and are listed below: Robertaccios Funeral Home

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