Sheena Harold Obituary, Sheena Harold Of Friends of TMH Has Passed Away

Sheena Harold Obituary, Death – Sheena Harold, the Chairman of the Teddington Society, passed away on Monday evening, January 9th, following a brief battle with illness. It is with enormous grief and deep regret that we have to inform you of this news. We have come to the conclusion that it would be more appropriate to show respect to those involved by calling off the New Year party that was scheduled to take place in St. Mary’s Parish Hall on Saturday, January 21. Sheena had been an active member of the Society for around 25 years. During her time there, she collaborated with coworkers to initiate the redesign and replanting of two public gardens. Additionally, she was responsible for relaunching the annual Teddington in Flower event, which has raised many thousands of pounds for local charities over the course of its history.

Then, in 2013, she assisted in reinstating the annual Teddington Village Fair in collaboration with the Landmark Arts Centre and the St. Mary with St. Alban Church. Since then, the fair has raised more than 10,000 pounds, all of which has been given to charitable organizations in the surrounding area. In addition to the work she did for the Society, Sheena was involved in a great deal of other activities, not only in Teddington but also elsewhere within the Borough of Richmond. Therefore, it was only appropriate that in 2017, she was honored with the Richmond Borough Community Award for her exceptional contribution to the community of Richmond. It was a pleasure for all of us to witness her being recognized for the relentless and unending effort that she had put forth on behalf of the Society and the city that she cherished so deeply. When the time is right, most likely in the spring, we will hold a memorial service in Sheena’s honor, and we will extend an invitation to you to attend. In the meantime, we will keep you updated on the funeral preparations as new information becomes available. It has been brought to your attention once more that the New Year’s party has been postponed.


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