Shawn Long Obituary, Lancaster Judge Court of the Common Pleas Dies At 55

Shawn Long Obituary, Death – To fill a vacancy on the court, Governor Tom Wolf submitted Shawn M. Long’s nomination to the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas in July. On Saturday, he passed away. He was 55. At Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Long was receiving cancer therapy. He’d just undergone a bone marrow transplant. On Saturday night, state senator Ryan Aument posted a message regarding Long’s passing online. “In our neighborhood, Shawn was well-known for being a successful attorney, a committed volunteer, a member of the church, and, most recently, a judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

He was a loyal and loving husband and father, thus we are sad that he has left our family. According to the statement, Shawn’s recuperation from a bone marrow transplant was proceeding according to plan up until Friday night, when he contracted an unexpectedly severe infection that he was unable to fight off. Only four of Long’s children—son Ryan, daughters Claire and Grace, and stepson Kelly—remain in this world. State senators Scott Martin and Aument expressed astonishment over Long’s passing on Twitter.

The two senators had agreed that Long ought to be hired. Long ran for one of the three available county judge positions this year. The court’s administrative judge, Judge David Ashworth, claimed to have spoken with Long’s family as well as other judges and staff members. “We’re all furious. He was a genuinely kind guy. According to Ashworth, he was a wonderful judge who applied for the position out of a desire to give back to the neighborhood he cared about. He was all about serving, according to Ashworth, both his patients, and the Marine Corps.

Long was a partner at Barley Snyder and a bankruptcy specialist prior to being appointed as a judge. Although they had long since met, according to Ashworth, their conversation before he was appointed a judge was brief. Even though Long was on the court for a little period of time, according to Ashworth, he had a significant impact on family law and civil cases for a very long time.

Ashworth’s first query to the candidate was, “Why does he want to be a judge?” He claimed that it was his responsibility to assist those in his community. In the brief time, he was on the bench, he performed admirably. According to Ashworth, Long wasn’t overbearing or demanding. He was merely an ordinary worker. He was quite talented. Ashworth claimed that due to his personality, credentials, and desire, he was in the proper place.


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