Sharon Sturgill Obituary, Sharon Sturgill Has Passed Away

Sharon Sturgill Obituary, Death – Please accept our sincere condolences in advance for the following piece of information, which we bring to you with the heaviest of hearts and for which we apologize in advance. Sharon Sturgill, who was a friend and colleague of ours in addition to serving as an Integrative Nutrition Specialist, unfortunately, passed away not too long ago. Sharon was a part of our team and played this role. It was very much like having a second mother when we were around her. It is very likely that most of you are unaware of the fact that Sharon was facing metastatic cancer, which had already spread to her bones, but it is also possible that some of you are aware of it. Sharon’s disease had already spread to her bones. She continued as if nothing had happened up until about seven weeks ago, despite the fact that she was aware that the problems that were occurring were beyond our control.

Up to that point, she had not skipped a step. She was unable to continue leading a regular life after the misery started wreaking havoc on her core since it became physically impossible for her to do so. This rendered her unable to continue leading a normal life. She had a really close relationship with the Lord while she was in this world, and she didn’t try to avoid what was going to happen at all; in point of fact, she kept praising the LORD and talking about her savior. While she was in this world, she didn’t make any attempt to avoid what was going to happen at all. She made no attempt to forestall the events that were going to take place while she was still in this world.

Sharon was confident that she would emerge from this ordeal unscathed and in excellent physical shape, despite the fact that she was unsure of how the events would play out. We were taken away by how fast the Saturday before had arrived, but Sharon was able to effectively complete the task at hand and move on to the next one. The fact that such a beautiful woman was able to direct us in the right direction and assist us in achieving success is something that we count as a great blessing. She will be greatly missed, but our memories of her will live on in perpetuity and will live on in our hearts forever. Her funeral will be conducted tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Hobbs, and following the service, she will be laid to rest in Lovington. During this trying time, we ask that you remember her family as well as the Desert FMA family in your thoughts and prayers and that you keep them in mind when you offer up prayers of your own.

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