Sharon Marie Obituary, Plano, Texas Sharon Marie Has Passed Away

Sharon Marie Obituary, Death – Yesterday, I was shocked to learn of the passing of my mother. My mother never stopped loving and caring for her family and friends, regardless of the distance, even though we lived in different states and I was unable to see her as frequently as we had wanted due to our physical separation. Despite these obstacles, my mother never stopped showing her affection for her family and friends. We called each other once a week to stay in touch, and she also talked to Theo while we were on the call. We always ended our phone conversations with each other by saying, “I love you.”

We hadn’t seen each other since Mother’s Day the year before, which was also the first and, sadly, the only time she had ever seen her grandchild. We hadn’t seen each other since Mother’s Day the year before. This information made both of us feel miserable. I’m adding to the stress because it’s her birthday today, and I would have appreciated one more phone call or visit with her before she leaves because it would have been nice to say goodbye in person or over the phone. I hope that you get to celebrate your birthday with your own mother, father, and brother and that it is a lovely and unforgettable day for you. Happy birthday, Mom! Even though I will never stop thinking about you and missing you, I know that now that you are taking care of my family, you will feel closer to me. This is despite the fact that I will never stop missing you.

Because you can never be sure when it will be the final time, you should go see your mother and give her a big embrace, a kiss, and a call right away.
She was a fan of the Cowboys, and because she knew how much I adored the team, she would always bring it up whenever she saw a Cowboys game on TV in Alabama. This was because she knew how much I adored the Cowboys. We never stopped discussing it between us. I thought it would be appropriate to include Theo’s mother in the Cowboy’s gameday photo that we took because it was the last game of the season. It’s okay, Mom; I know you’ll watch out for me, but I really need you to pay attention to today’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers.

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