Shalom Amar Obituary, Las Vegas man died of gunshot wounds

Shalom Amar Obituary, Death – On Thursday, the Clark County coroner’s office was able to correctly identify the male victim of a gunshot that took place in south Las Vegas. The incident had taken place earlier in the day. Earlier in the day, the shooting had taken place. The shooting that took place earlier in the day was in question. The occurrence took place earlier in the day when the sun was still at a higher altitude in the sky. The investigation that was conducted by the office of the coroner revealed that the individual who had vanished was a male named Shalom Amar. These conclusions were reached based on the findings of the investigation. At the time of the occurrence, he was 59 years old and a local born and raised in the Las Vegas region. It was discovered after he had already passed away that he had been the victim of a murder; however, the murderer remained at large.

According to a statement that was released by the Metropolitan Police Department, when officers from the Metropolitan Police Department arrived at an apartment complex on Monday night in the 7500 block of Placid Street, they discovered a man who had been shot and was suffering from the effects of his injuries. The statement also stated that the man was suffering from the effects of his injuries. The Metropolitan Police Department is responsible for the release of the statement. The Metropolitan Police Department is the institution that is credited with being the one to first make the statement available to the public.

The apartment complex can be found near both West Warm Springs and Bermuda Road, which are both located in close proximity to one another thanks to the perfect placement of the complex. As of the start of work on Thursday, the investigation has not yet led to any arrests at this point in time (yesterday). You can get in contact with Jimmy Romo by dialing the number 702-383-0350 or sending an email message to the address Both of these options are available to you.

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