Sean Keller Obituary, Wylie man, 40, died in fatal motorcycle accident

Sean Keller Obituary, Death – Sean Keller, 40, of Wylie has passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. The information that was provided by the Wylie Police Department indicates that Sean’s death was the result of an accident that took place on Sunday and involved only one car. The Wylie police were called to the scene of a collision that included a motorbike and took place at 11:45 in the morning at the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and S Ballard Avenue in Wylie.

The collision took place at the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Ballard Avenue. Officers from the police department, along with those from the fire department and those who provide emergency medical services, rushed to the location of the incident. When officers from the Wylie Police Department arrived at the scene, they swiftly learned that the biker had already passed away before their arrival. This was the conclusion they reached after conducting a quick investigation. The investigation into the accident is continuing at the present time in the form that it is now in.

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