Seamus Begley Musician Obituary, An Irish Accordion Player Has Passed Away

Seamus Begley Obituary, Death – Séamus Begley has passed away, which is terrible news. Throughout the course of his long career as a performer in both those genres, the well-known singer and accordionist who comes from West Kerry’s most illustrious musical family left an influence on a substantial number of us. At the O’Flaherty Retreat in 2014, we enjoyed spending time with Séamus and learning from him, so we were saddened to hear of his passing. We are praying for him and his family through this terrible time, and we frequently think about them.

Begley, who works as a rancher and spends the majority of his time there, views music as more of a hobby than a career. RIP, Séamus. This point of view derives from the widely held belief that listening to music is necessary for enjoyment. Due to his musical talent, he was able to start singing at nearby ceilithe lounges after quitting school at the age of 12. Without a doubt, Seamus Begley is married by this point. The amount of information that is known about his better half or their married life together is, in any case, extremely limited.

The facts of how the accordionist and his future bride first met, as well as the date and location of the wedding, are still a mystery to him. This includes the wedding’s location, time, and date. Despite this, according to the Irish Times, he is the father of a family that consists of a young girl and three sons. Begley is a serious person who values privacy highly. He has never made any public statements about his connection with his more important spouse. At a young age, Seamus picked up the accordion, and by the time he was fourteen, he was playing live shows with other neighborhood musicians.

He was also performing by himself at this time. He assists the band with his singing abilities as well. He recorded his debut album in the small apartment he and his sister Máire shared, and it was published in 1972. Before moving back to County Kerry in 1976, Seamus resided in Chicago, Illinois, where he worked as a transporter. Seamus returned to County Kerry in 1976.

After that, he collaborated on various projects with Australian craftsman Stephen Cooney. He currently shares the stage with guitarist Jim Murray in a duo in the local music scene. In the town of Macroom in West Cork county, Jim was both born and raised. The accordionist’s brother and fellow musician, Brendan Begley, is a little bit younger than Seamus Begley.


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