Roxy Reynolds Obituary, Roxy Reynolds Has Sadly Passed Away

Roxy Reynolds Obituary, Death – Roxy Reynolds has sadly passed away. Roxy was born on May 5th in the city of Fargo, which is in the state of North Dakota. When she was a child, John “Bill” MacKinnon and Donna (Parizek) MacKinnon, Sr. accepted her into their home and made it their permanent home. Donna married David Varty, Roxy’s “Dad,” in 1973, after Bill died. Bill had passed away the previous year. They first lived in Minot, but then moved to Surrey, where Roxy began her education and graduated from Surrey High School in 1983. Roxy and Kevin Roxy recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in May of this year. The ceremony was not long ago. The happy couple married on May 15, 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roxy’s first employment was at an Albertson’s on 20th Avenue, which was later rebranded as a Marketplace Foods and is now Roxy’s current employer. She had worked there for about 40 years at the time of her death, suggesting that she had made it her life’s work. Her most recent position in the company, after many years of service, was General Merchandise Manager. She has also held a number of other jobs inside the company.

Roxy has played in a number of bowling leagues and has been a member of the Nola’s Lounge softball team. She was a die-hard fan of all things athletic. She treasured the time she spent with her loved ones soaking in the sun and relaxing by the sea, and she and Kevin looked forward to spending the holidays at their winter home in Mesa, Arizona. Furthermore, until her mother Donna died in October 2020, Roxy devoted a substantial amount of her time to caring for her. Donna is expected to die around that time.

At one point, she was a member of both St. Leo’s Catholic Church and the Minot Moose Lodge. Krista, her niece, and her great-nieces Norah and Vida, whom she cherished and affectionately referred to as “her girls,” shared a special link with her. Krista, her only child, was dear to her. Her dogs, Pooky and Tye, had a special place in her heart as well. She was completely smitten by them. They were really special to her. Roxy was well-known and liked by many people, especially those who knew her family and frequented the Marketplace. Kevin and Roxy were both looking forward to seeing their other mutual friends. Her spouse of thirty years, Kevin; her brother, Bill (Connie) MacKinnon, Jr., of Mandan, North Dakota; her niece, Krista Miller; and her great nieces, Norah and Vida Miller round out her family.

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