Rosie Young Obituary, San Antonio Texas Rosie Young Dies In A car accident

Rosie Young Obituary, Death – Rosie, from Bracknell, worked for Barclays Bank for six years after graduating in 1970 before joining 3M, a large American company. She managed accounts payable until 1988. Rosie worked until 1992 when company policy closed the club. After 15 rewarding years at 3M, Rosie voluntarily resigned.
She worked various jobs for 11 years, including taking Tote bets at racetracks in a bright red uniform. Her outgoing, charismatic personality fits this job. Rosie cooked well. She catered many weddings and birthdays. She liked cleaning for fun family friend Chris the Vicar.

One of her hardest jobs was running a Facilities Management Help desk at a busy British Airways building at Heathrow airport. Rosie left to run the New Leathern Bottle pub in Jealotts Hill. Rosie met Steve on April 17, 1987. On a Friday night, fate brought Rosie to Steve while he was bartending at the Hawk Club at the Royal Air Force Staff College in Bracknell. The happy couple became inseparable. While running the New Leathern Bottle, two friends and customers brought a guest, which Rosie loved telling. These friends volunteered to maintain the WWII B17 Bomber The Sally B. Returning from White Waltham Air Show.

Derek drove the guest Sally B. Derek ordered his favorite pub meal—ham egg and chips. Rosie’s ham, egg, and chips were great. Derek told Rosie, “that was the best ham, egg, and chips I have ever had,” and Rosie and Steve got a VIP tour of the Sally B at Duxford. Rosie’s ham, egg, and chips earned them a seat in this World War II American B17 Flying Fortress Bomber’s cockpit. Rosie’s cooking helped her next job. She cooked at Binfield Blue Mountain Golf and Conference Centre. She learned cooking here.

Steve stopped proposing to Rosie in 1995 because she always said no. “Having Rosie was enough.” until February 29th, 2008. Steve didn’t know Rosie had proposed to him live on Radio Cornwall’s Duncan Warren show. Steve happily accepted. Rosie preferred Marazion beach with St. Michael’s Mount for their August 8, 2008 wedding photos. “When the photos were taken, a number of Chinese people happened to be on the beach,” Steve recalls. They waved and took pictures. 8 brings wealth to Chinese culture. We loved and laughed together.

Rosie’s many family vacations in Cornwall in 1999 “hooked” Steve. They bought a Crowlas house on holiday in 2003 and moved in 2004 to fulfill Rosie’s childhood dream. Rosie worked as a cook at the Island Cafe on St. Michaels Mount, her dream job. Rosie liked gardening and bright colors. It matched her charm and beauty. Kind, outgoing Rosie loved life. Despite her 2015 elbow break. After many surgeries, pins, plates, and screws, she proudly displayed her scar and x-rays. Rosie missed working at the St. Michael’s Mount cafe, but she still loved her life, Steve, and her home.


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