Ronald Fortado Obituary,76 Years Old, Ronald Fortado of Jacksonville, Has Passed Away

Ronald Fortado Obituary, Death –  Ronald Fortado, a resident of Jacksonville who had reached the age of 76 at the time of his passing, passed away on January 15, 2023. He was a citizen of Jacksonville. When he passed away, he had already reached that age mark in his life. His birth took place in the city of Jacksonville, which is located in the state of Florida. The Williamson Funeral Home, whose primary site is in Jacksonville, is offering the family aid in connection to the arrangements that need to be made, and this assistance can be found here. The Williamson Funeral Home is the one that is providing the family with assistance. The Williamson Funeral Home is providing this support to the family as a service to them.

For me personally, the process of fighting for the same thing that my father had been fighting for over the course of the past 15 months has been very difficult and time demanding. I have been fighting for the same thing that he had been fighting for. On the other hand, he did it pretty much nonstop while grinning from ear to ear and being ready with a joke to comment on. In addition, he was ready with a joke to comment on. In addition to that, he was always prepared to make a comment on a joke. In particular, he was able to go to the weddings of both of his sons, who tied the knot with women he had previously referred to as “my daughters.

Their names are Meghan Driscoll and Sarah Lupis, and their ceremonies were held in Meghan’s hometown and in Sarah’s hometown, respectively. The United States of America played host to both of the events. These marriages took place in advance of the genuine weddings that were planned to take place at a later time. During yet another voyage, it was proposed that he go to Quebec at that time period, and he was offered the opportunity to do so. He took advantage of this opportunity. The opportunity arose, and he made the most of the situation in which he found himself. He placed a high value on each day and put in a lot of effort to ensure that he made the most of the opportunities that were given to him.

He made an effort to look on the bright side of every situation. It fills me with the highest thankfulness and pleasure to be able to call this person “my father,” and I am happy that I have the freedom to do so. The fact that I am allowed to refer to this person as “my father” He will have the opportunity to relax, take it easy, spend time with the people who are significant to him, and have a wonderful time interacting with King, who is Danielle Wright’s pet. His uncle Paul Sardinha possesses an unmatched level of dexterity when it comes to opening bottles; in fact, not even a bottle of wine can stop him from doing what he wants to do. Enjoy dad. You have undeniably earned it, then some more, then some more after that, and some more after that still.


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