Rollyn Tucker Obituary, Rollyn Tucker Has Sadly Passed Away

Rollyn Tucker Obituary, Death – The office of the Pierce County medical examiner has determined that the victim of an apartment building fire that occurred earlier this month in Sumner was a man in his 66th year. The blaze took place in the beginning of the month. The occurrence was found to have occurred in an apartment complex. According to a press statement published by the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office, Rollyn Tucker passed suddenly on January 7 as a consequence of smoke inhalation and thermal injuries. This information was provided by the office. The blaze was started in the wee hours of that morning in the apartment that was situated on the second story of the four-plex that was situated on the 15900 block of 52nd Street East. In the past, officials from the fire department have reported that another person who resided in the house with Tucker was able to escape out of the building before it took fire. This individual was able to get out before the house caught fire. East Pierce Fire & Rescue units were dispatched to the scene that morning at approximately 9:45 after receiving a call about the incident. When the firefighters arrived, they saw that flames were coming out of a window that was situated on the upper level. A little more than a quarter of an hour later, officials said in a tweet that firefighters had successfully confined the fire to the flat where it had begun in the first place. At the time of the occurrence, Carmen Palmer, who is the director of communications for Sumner, claimed that the fire did not appear suspicious and that it was unknown how or what caused it to start. In addition to that, she mentioned that the origin of the fire was still a mystery. On the other hand, at this point in time, neither the origin of the fire nor how it got started are known to be known. Investigation teams from the Pierce County Fire Marshals’ Office and East Pierce Fire & Rescue were both dispatched to the scene of the event to gather more information.

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