Rodney Harris Obituary, Rodney Harris Has Passed Away

Rodney Harris Obituary, Death – On Wednesday, a person lost their life as a consequence of what the Colerain Police Department is referring to as a “targeted attack,” and that individual has now been recognized as having been the victim. According to the Colerain Police Department, Rodney Sean Harris Jr., 19, passed dead on Thursday as a result of injuries he got the evening before in the Stone Creek Shopping Center during the shooting that took place. He had been taken to the hospital, but he later passed away. According to Jim Love of the Colerain Township Police Department, the incident took place at approximately five o’clock in the afternoon behind a Raising Cane restaurant that is situated on Colerain Avenue. This information was provided by Love.

After hearing the shooting, a law enforcement officer who was already present in the neighborhood hurried over to the site where the incident was occurring. According to what Love claimed at the scene, the officer discovered Harris Jr. with “a fairly bad gunshot wound. He was taken to the University of California Medical Center, but unfortunately, he did not survive his treatment there. “We do not believe a random event. “We feel it was extremely targeted,” Love said, citing their perspective. According to the spokeswoman, this was a very focused event on a certain audience. And especially having the knowledge that it was located, we want to warn the public that this was a highly targeted occurrence. “And especially knowing this location and where it was at,” “And especially having the knowledge that it was located.” It wasn’t a completely random event that took place.”

According to the statements made by the police, this event is being treated as a possible homicide at this point in the inquiry. Anyone who has any reason to suspect that they may have information relevant to this event is urged to get in touch with the Colerain Township Police Department as quickly as possible at the following number: (513) 385-7504.

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