Rodney Frederick Bauch Obituary

Rodney Bauch Obituary, Rodney Frederick Bauch Has Passed Away Suddenly

Rodney Bauch Death, Obituary – He was born on July 2nd, 1948, and his parents are Herb and Joyce Bauch. Rod was born in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. His birthday is July 2nd. Rod unexpectedly passed away on January 6, 2023, while he was at his Somerset home, where he had lived all of his life. In 1966, he graduated from North High School in Fargo, North Dakota, and received his high school diploma. Rod enrolled in the military in 1966. His first training took place at Fort Rucker in Alabama, and in 1969 he was given an honorable discharge.

During his service in the military, he worked as a crew chief on fixed-wing aircraft as a gunner on Huey helicopters. In addition, he worked as a radio operator. He won several awards in appreciation for the bravery he displayed while serving his country. After serving in the military, he subsequently met the lady who would become his wife. In Barron, Wisconsin, on November 28, 1970, they exchanged vows. Soon after moving into their first shared home, Rod and Karen made their way to Minneapolis.

In 1974, they moved to North St. Paul; they remained there until 2001, when they moved to Somerset. Rod worked as a machinist at Lewis Bolt & Nut from 1969 through 1994. He spent almost twenty years there. He then switched to the company’s sales department. After that, Williams Steel and Hardware was operational from 1994 until 2009, during which time Rod served as an inside sales representative. Rod was able to network with many people in his field of work as a result of his skill at communication.

Rod was a major fan of NASCAR, the Minnesota Vikings, and the North Dakota State Bison in addition to NASCAR. Horses Off! “MOTORCYCLE OR NO CAR” served as his life’s credo, and he drove both motorcycles and cars with equal fervor. Those who will mourn Rod after his passing include his children Kim and Scotty, with whom he had been married for 52 years, and his wife Karen (Molly). The seven grandchildren are Torey, Freddy, Marquis, Tyshaun, and Macy.

Elena, the great-granddaughter, makes nine people in the family in total. Sunny, the goddaughter and niece of the author, Cody, his nephew, and Kris, often known as “Bob,” her sister. Rod’s parents Herb and Joyce, sister Karen, and other family members all went away before him at various periods in their life, along with his cherished daughter Sam.


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