Robert Purcell Obituary Galway Ireland, Robert Purcell Dies At 74

Robert Purcell Obituary, Death – According to the findings of the preliminary investigation, Robert E. Purcell, age 74, of Louisville, was driving a 2023 Chevrolet commercial vehicle westbound on KY-90, close to the intersection with Harry King road, when the incident occurred. At the time, Mr. Purcell was in the process of approaching the intersection with Harry King road. It is not apparent what led the car that was being driven by Purcell to cross the center dividing line and enter the path of vehicles that were going in the opposite direction on the roadway. A head-on collision occurred as a result of the interaction between a vehicle driven by Purcell and a pickup truck driven by Matthew Webb, 48, of Bonnieville.

Webb was the driver of the pickup truck. Webb was operating a Chevrolet from the year 2016, according to the description. Detectives from the Barren County Coroner’s Office established, upon arrival at the scene, that both Robert Purcell and Matthew Webb had passed away in the place where they were located. This was determined after the investigators examined the bodies of the two men. Matthew E. Shrock, who lives in Munfordville and is 37 years old, was a passenger in the vehicle that Webb was driving. Webb was the driver of the automobile. Following the accident, he was initially taken to T.J. Sampson Hospital in Glasgow, and then he was sent to Tri-Star Skyline Medical Center in Nashville.

Both hospitals are located in Tennessee. Unfortunately, the injuries he sustained in the collision were too severe for him to recover from, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital where he was transported after the incident. At this point in time, Trooper Michael Wathen is the one who is in charge of directing and supervising the investigation that is being conducted. When he arrived at the scene, members of the Barren County Emergency Medical Services, the Barren County Sheriff’s Office, the Barren County Coroner, and the Kentucky State Police assisted him.


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