Robert Nickerson Obituary, Robert Nickerson Has Passed Away

Robert Nickerson Obituary, Death – At the Clark Regional Medical Center in Winchester on the 20th of January in the year 2023, Robert James Nickerson, Jr., the companion of Donna Bailey Nickerson, passed away. He was a member of the Nickerson family. Clark County is home to this particular establishment. He could look back on 62 years of experience. The memorial service honoring the life of the person who had passed away was held on the 21st of January, a Saturday, in 2023. On August 2, 1960, he was born to Robert James Nickerson Sr. and Margaret Charlotte Ross Nickerson, both of whom have since passed away.

He was born in the city of Annapolis, which is located in the state of Maryland. At this point, both of his parents had passed away from their illnesses. When he was already born, his father had already passed away, but his mother had already given birth to him. Although his father had already passed away before he was born, his mother had already given birth to him before he came into the world. He had been a member of the Army in the past, during which time he had served his country in the capacity of a soldier.

grandchildren Robert James Nickerson IV, Sylas Nickerson, Sevastian Howard, Amara Denise Blumer, and Everleigh Overbay; wife Donna Nickerson; sons Robert James Nickerson III and Andrew Paul Nickerson (Dakota Overbay); daughters Alicia Diann Nickerson and Megan (Kyle Blumer) Howard; sisters Sandra Lee Blair and Pauline Rae Nickerson; wife Donna Nickerson; sons Robert James Nickerson III and Andrew Paul Nickerson (Dakota Overbay He was the only member of his family to mature into an adult during the course of his lifetime, and he was the only one who did so.

The Reverend Joe Messenger will act as the spiritual leader of the services that are going to be performed on the 24th of January at one o’clock in the afternoon. These services are going to be held in the afternoon. These sacraments are going to take place as scheduled according to the plans. At the funeral home on Monday, visitation will begin at six in the evening and continue until nine the same evening. The visitation will take place on Monday.


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