Robert Jim Obituary, A Navajo Indian Robert Jim Has Died

Robert Jim Obituary, Death – On September 13, 2022, we lost our dear Robert James (Jim) Hawley. He’s missing. At Fort Saskatchewan Hospital in Alberta, his family helped him die painlessly. He leaves his loving wife Isabelle, their son Robert, his sister Margaret and her husband Charles, his brother-in-law Joseph, his nephews Richard and Paul, and his nieces Kelly (Chris), Patti (Bruce), and Jody. Charles’ sister Margaret. Brother-in-law Joseph. His nieces Kelly (Chris), Patti (Bruce), and Jody (Eugene). Liam, Nolan, Alex, Dilan, Lauren, Kellsie, and Kailee survive him. Sister Helen died first. His extended family, friends, and previous employees adored him and showed it.

Montreal is Jim’s hometown. He succeeded despite leaving school early to pursue other interests. Military Police officer in Hawaii, Germany, Texas, and Mexico. Medals for his outstanding service. His education was mostly from US Army training. His military duty aided his studies. Chicago ambulance driver. He might recount his Christmas lights trip with two nuns and meeting Al Capone’s brother. He mentioned meeting Al Capone’s brother. He liked talking about meeting Al Capone’s brother and showing two nuns around. He appreciated sharing this story’s history.

After earning his Master of Social Work from George Williams College and working for Corrections Institutes in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, and Edmonton, Alberta, where he settled, he held several roles and progressed in rank. He ran Edmonton Corrections Institute. Edmonton Corrections Institute Director. Jim earned a Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Christian Counseling from Anderson Theological Seminary in Camilla, Georgia, a Master of Education from the Montana University System, and a Master of Arts from UT El Paso. He investigated and compiled a database of over 10,000 documents. He learned much.

He researched religion and native culture for social workers. He studied native culture history. He volunteered at various churches, offering friendship and counseling over coffee and doughnuts. He bonded and counseled soldiers. He always carried two doughnuts. He attended only winning Edmonton Elks and Montreal Canadiens games. Defeated, he shouted. One can express disappointment after losing a board game. He preferred most walks while smoking on his aromatic tobacco pipe, which reminded him of carefree days, and stuffing his pockets with nice treats for the dog. Bookshops and yard sales were my vacation treasure hunts. Especially.

He liked tending to his flower beds since he believed color was always pleasant. Despite his horrible cooking, he adored shepherd’s pie, steak, and crab. Shepherd’s pie was popular. He enjoyed the background music. Add Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and Alan Jackson. German folk is another option. Christmas, rural gospel, or exotic music. They all believe that Jim was a fantastic “people person” and marveled at how he was “built” to help people. Family and friends said Jim was a fantastic “people person.” Loved ones will miss Jim. Thanks to family, friends, and Fort Saskatchewan Hospital’s medical team for their support.

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