Robert Deemer Obituary, 36 Years-Old, Robert Deemer Of Johnstown, Has Passed Away

Robert Deemer Obituary, Death – According to the findings of the Westmoreland County Coroner’s Office, a head-on collision that occurred on Route 56 in St. Clair Township on Friday afternoon resulted in the deaths of two males who were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The deaths of these two men were determined by the findings of the accident itself. The Westmoreland County Coroner’s Office gave a presentation regarding their results. The happening of event was successful in taking place. Should it be of any interest to you, the collision occurred in St. Clair Township. Robert A. Deemer, who was 36 years old and from Johnstown, and Gerald E. McGeary, who was 84 years old and from Seward, were both recognized as victims of the incident. Robert A. Deemer was from Johnstown, while Gerald E. McGeary was from Seward. Both Robert A. Deemer and Gerald E. McGeary were originally from their respective hometowns of Johnstown and Seward. Both Robert A. Deemer and Gerald E. McGeary traced their roots back to the communities of Johnstown and Seward, respectively, where they were born and raised. The two people were found to have injuries that were consistent with blunt force, and at three in the afternoon, they were both pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. It was found that the injuries were consistent with blunt force.

It was discovered that the injuries matched the pattern of those caused by blunt force. These conclusions on the cause of death are supported by the findings of the inquiry that was conducted by the coroner. The accident took place when Deemer’s eastbound Dodge Ram crossed the centerline of the highway approximately a half mile east of Laurel Ridge State Park and collided with McGeary’s Chrysler 300, which was traveling in the opposite direction and heading west. Laurel Ridge State Park is located in southeastern Pennsylvania. This information was provided in a press statement that was only recently distributed by the office of the coroner. At the scene of the collision, the coroner determined that McGeary was no longer alive and proclaimed him dead. After sustaining life-threatening injuries in the accident, McGeary was found to have passed away close to the scene of the crash.

According to the findings of the investigation that was carried out by the coroner, neither of the two people who were involved in the accident was fastening their seat belt at the time that the incident occurred. The report from the coroner indicates that two additional individuals who were injured in the incident were transported to a hospital in Johnstown. Both of these patients were treated and discharged from the facility after their stay there. They did not receive any kind of recognition or thanks for the effort that they had put in, which was disappointing.
The Greensburg state police launched an inquiry into the deadly incident almost immediately after it took place; however, as of early Saturday morning, they had not published a statement to the public providing details on the findings of their investigation.


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