Robbie Bachman Obituary, BTO, Bachman Turner Overdrive Canadian drummer Has Died

Robbie Bachman Obituary – Robin Peter Kendall Bachman, the drummer and younger brother of Randy Bachman, was born in Canada. Randy Bachman is Peter’s older brother. Both the Brave Belt and the Bachman–Turner Overdrive hired him as their very first drummer when they formed the bands. The liner notes for the album Brave Belt as well as the BTO album both include the name “Robin” or “Rob.”

Both Bachman and his older brother Randy were avid drummers, and they often jammed together at home. Robbie accepted Randy’s offer to become the drummer for Brave Belt when he was 18 years old. Chad Allan and Fred Turner were the ones that brought Brave Belt to a successful conclusion. Tim Bachman replaced Allan as Brave Belt frontman in 1972 after Allan’s departure.

Robbie designed the “gear” emblem for Bachman–Turner Overdrive in 1973, the same year that the company was rebranded as Bachman–Turner Overdrive after previously being known as Brave Belt. Robbie was a contributor to the song “Roll On Down the Highway,” which went on to become the most successful single released by Bachman–Turner Overdrive (with Fred Turner). After the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nights tour was over, he continued his time with BTO until the latter half of 1979. This lasted the entire time he was with the band.

When the band was revived in 1984, he considered joining them, but ultimately decided not to do so. His choice was influenced by the fact that Randy Bachman had chosen Tim Bachman to replace Blair Thornton in the band’s lineup as the second guitarist. Bachman started playing with BTO’s Not Fragile lineup in 1988 and remained with the band until 1991. Following Randy Bachman’s departure from the band in 1991, guitarist Randy Murray remained a touring member of the band until the year 2004.

When Fred Turner and Randy Bachman finally got back together to record “Bachman & Turner” in 2009, it had been seven years since their last collaboration. It wasn’t until September of 2010 that the record was finally made available, timed to coincide with the two musicians’ globe tour. Robin Bachman and Blair Thornton have sued Randy Bachman in an effort to stop him and Turner from performing as Bachman–Turner Overdrive on tour. The complaint was filed against Randy Bachman (BTO).

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