Riley Scharper Obituary, 28-year-old Adel man died in fatal car accident

Riley Scharper Obituary, Death – Riley Scharper, 28, of Adel died in a two-vehicle accident on Highway 6 east of Adel on Thursday. According to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, it occurred in the westbound lanes of the 27000 block of Highway 6 just before 6:00 o’clock in the evening. This information was provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (DCSO). Sheriff Adam Infante asserted that the position is close to the crossroads of the highway and R Avenue, which is located just a short distance to the east of the sheriff’s office. Simply traveling a short distance will get you to the intersection in question.

When first responders arrived at the location, they discovered that an individual by the name of Riley Scharper, who was 28 years old and was originally from Adel, was trapped inside of a vehicle. Scharper, who was suffering from severe injuries, had to be extricated from the truck before she could be taken to the Mercy hospital in Des Moines via air ambulance. The hospital is located in Des Moines. He eventually succumbed to his injuries after a period of time had passed, and he passed away as a result.

The second vehicle that was involved in the accident was being driven by Steven Morrell, who is sixty years old and is from rural Adel. Morrell was the driver when the accident occurred. As a direct consequence of this, he was hurt. The injuries he sustained were not severe enough to put his life in jeopardy. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where he received treatment and was later discharged from the establishment when his stay there was over.

According to Sergeant Infante, the investigation into the collision is still ongoing, and there have not been any charges or citations issued as of yet. He also stated that the investigation would continue until it is completed. Additionally, Sergeant Infante mentioned that the inquiry is still ongoing and has not been concluded.

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