Rick Westerfield Obituary London, KY, Rick Westerfield Suddenly Passed Away At 61

Rick Westerfield Obituary, Death – Ricky Nelson Westerfield, who lived in London, Kentucky, and passed away on January 8, 2023, at the age of 61, is no longer with us. His passing occurred on that date. He had a home in London, which is a city in the state of Kentucky. He was the grandson of Josh and Regan Westerfield, who both lived in London, Kentucky, and the son of Virginia Martin Westerfield of London, Kentucky. He was also the father of Josh and Regan Westerfield. Josh and Regan Westerfield were both London residents at the time.

Jeff Cornett, who resides in London, Kentucky, and Ashley Cornett Parker, who resides in Stedman, North Carolina, are both Ashley Cornett Parker’s niece and nephew, respectively. Ashley’s Cornett Parker resides in Stedman, North Carolina. Also a member of the Cornett family and the brother of Jeff Cornett’s mother, Cheryl Cornett. Oliver Nelson Westerfield, the man who was supposed to be his father, had already passed away before the birth of Oliver Nelson Westerfield.

Funeral services will be placed at the London Funeral Home, even though the particulars of the funeral are not yet known at this time. We ask that you pray for his children and for their mother and sister in addition to his own. Remember to keep them in your thoughts at all times.


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