Rick Gedney Obituary, Songwriter Rick Gedney Has Sadly Passed Away

Rick Gedney Obituary, Death –  We are all in a state of shock and amazement after receiving the devastating news that one of our very own, Rick Gedney, has lost his fight against pneumonia after a drawn-out period of time. Rick Gedney battled the condition for a considerable amount of time. For a considerable amount of time, Rick Gedney fought valiantly against the condition despite its severity.

Rick was a significant source of both warmth and friendliness, which was of considerable assistance to each and every one of us to a large amount. This was because Rick had such a beneficial impact on our lives, and because of this, he was a significant source. He is sitting in the position that corresponds to the first row, the second position to the left of the one who is in front of him, and he is the individual who occupies that place.

It was well known that in addition to being a talented vocalist and pianist, he was also an extraordinary painter in his own right. This fact was a well-known fact. This was just one of the numerous talents he possessed. His work garnered a lot of esteem from those who saw it. Because Rick is not here, our community is going to suffer a significant setback, which will have a detrimental impact on each and every person who is a part of it.

This will also have a clear correlation to Rick’s absence. In the years that followed the year 2000, Rick and Michele Gedney started cooperating under the business name Open Book in the several industries in which they were both already established. They have participated in the creative process in a number of different capacities, such as through performing live, recording, and contributing to the composing work.

Throughout this incomprehensible moment of suffering, Michele has been at the forefront of our hearts, thoughts, and prayers at all times. We are not going to stop thinking about and praying for her in the future.

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