Richard Matthias Obituary, 55, Richard Matthias of Vista, Has Passed Away

Richard Matthias Obituary, Death – The identification of the male body that had been discovered the week prior, dead and laying in the bushes in the Midway District of San Diego County in San Diego County, was able to be determined by the Medical Examiner’s Office of San Diego County in San Diego County. This was done in San Diego County. The dead body had been there for about a week before they found it. Richard Benjamin Matthias, a resident of Vista who was 55 years old at the time of his death, has been recognized as the individual who passed away, as revealed by the results of the inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death. The San Diego police say that the incident took place on Tuesday evening when a pedestrian saw Matthias sleeping in the bushes close to the Pechanga Sports Arena parking lot in the 3400 block of Sports Arena Boulevard.

The location of parking lot is at the intersection of Sports Arena Boulevard and Pechanga Drive. The parking lot may be found at the crossroads of Pechanga Drive and Sports Arena Boulevard in Pechanga. The parking lot is located at the intersection of Pechanga Sports Arena Boulevard and Sports Arena Boulevard, which is also the location of the crossroads. It was possible to track down Matthias in the area surrounding Sports Arena Boulevard. It was determined that he was in the surrounding area. The onlooker returned to the scene after a number of hours had passed and noticed that the victim was still standing in the same position she had been in when they had first seen her.

They made a number of attempts to rouse the individual, but they did not get a response from them at any time throughout any of those attempts. Despite all of those attempts, the individual did not wake up. After finding out that Matthias had been pronounced dead, the emergency personnel who were called to the scene determined, based on the findings of the postmortem examination, that Matthias was no longer alive. This conclusion was reached after the emergency personnel learned that Matthias had been pronounced dead. The employees arrived at this judgment after learning that Matthias had been pronounced deceased by the attending physician.

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