Richard Caufield Obituary, 74 Years-Old, Richard Caufield Of Richwood, WV, Has Passed Away

Richard Caufield Obituary, Death –Richard F. Caufield, who had lived for 74 years and had been a resident of Richwood, West Virginia, said his final goodbyes to the world in the comfort of his own home on the Sunday, January 22, 2023, the day he passed away. At the time of his passing, Richard F. Caufield was 74 years old. At his home, he had stepped out of this world forever. On June 6, 1948, Rich was born to his late parents, Eugene Caufield and Lucille Smith, who had both passed away prior to Rich’s birth. Rich was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. His parents had both passed away prior to Rich’s birth. Rich’s parents and both of his grandparents had passed away before he was born. Not only had his parents and brother Eugene Caufield passed away before he did, but so had his grandparents.

Before he was born, his parents, brother, and grandparents all passed away. His parents and brother Eugene Caufield had already passed away before he did, so his passing came as no surprise. He was the only member of his family to have reached an advanced age and he was the only one who did so. New Milford, New Jersey was the location of the institutions where he spent the vast majority of his time studying for his formal education. He spent his entire life working in the hospitality industry in a variety of capacities, including positions at the Pier 66 Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the Water Gate Inn in Richwood, West Virginia, amongst other hotels and inns across the country.

Both of these locations can be discovered in the same nation, which goes by the name of the United States of America. Baseball and Tennessee Walker horses, in that order, were two of his most cherished pastimes and interests, and baseball was his preferred sport to watch and play. He was a devoted fan of a number of different baseball teams, such as the New York Yankees, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and a few others. Because he placed a high value on the endeavor, he poured a significant amount of his time, effort, and compassion into it. He did this because he believed that it was important. He was of the opinion that Little League was an extremely significant organization. A significant number of children who lived in Richwood and the areas immediately surrounding it benefited from his instruction and direction. The Faith Methodist Church can be found in Richwood, Virginia, in the United States of America. He went there to worship on a regular basis.

When he passes away, one of the people he will leave behind is his wife of 48 years, Patricia “Kay” Caufield. She will be deeply missed. In addition, he is survived by his four children, Richard “Danny” Caufield of Richwood, Kelly Caufield Sergeon of Richwood, Patrick (Mary) Caufield of Hominy Falls, West Virginia, and Thomas Caufield of Richwood; five grandchildren, Jonathan R. Sergeon, Olivia Sergeon, Michael Caufield, Emily Caufield, and Brighton Bess; and one great grandchild on the way, Hudson. Richard “Danny” Caufield was born and raised in Richwood. Kelly Caufield Serge Richwood is where Richard “Danny” Caufield spent his childhood and his entire life. Kelly Caufield Serge.

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