Richard Balas Obituary, Haliburton County Paramedic Service mourns death of Richard Balas

Richard Balas Obituary, Death – The HCPS family is in mourning at the beginning of this new year due to the sudden passing of a much-loved member who died away in the previous year. Because of this terrible tragedy, our hearts are now shattered into a million little pieces. Richard Balas, who worked as a paramedic, was well-known for the caring way in which he carried out his profession, as well as for the generosity and determination with which he handled his work. He was also well-known for the fact that he was a generous person.

He was passionate to his work and was always happy to help people in any situation that they might find themselves in. He was always willing to aid others. When he was talking about the calls that had been the most interesting to him, he always had an eager expression on his face. Kayaking and reading up on various conspiracy theories, particularly those revolving around Sasquatch, were two of his favorite things to do in his spare time. It was in particular the latter that piqued his interest. Only his wife, Edi, and his stepdaughter, Brenda, will survive him when he goes away; they will be the only two people he has ever loved and cared for.

During the time that both of my parents lived in that house, Richard was a common visitor in our household. This continued even after they moved out of that house. My mother and father were present for the entirety of the time that this was going on. He possessed the admirable qualities of being charitable, polite, and polite all at the same time. He was quite pleasant to be around in every way. There were a few of his journeys that really stood out to me, and without getting into too much detail, all I’ll say is that throughout those journeys, he held himself in a manner that was pretty professional. This is the only thing that truly stands out to me about him.

He was always able to make time for a conversation with anyone was interested in talking to him, and he never turned down anyone who wanted to talk to him. After learning about this horrible occurrence, I have nothing except the deepest sorrow for his family, for our paramedic crew, and for the community as a whole as a whole as a whole as a whole as a whole as a whole as a whole as a whole as a whole as a whole as a whole. Since you are in desperate need of a break, I really do want and hope that you will be able to take one very soon. During this trying time, my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and the people with whom he was professionally affiliated. I am sorry for your loss.

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