Rhys Leatherbarrow Obituary, Former Oakfield High School and College Learner Has Died

Rhys Leatherbarrow Obituary, Death – We are breaking the news to you with a heavy heart that just a few days before Christmas, one of our former Oakfield learners by the name of Rhys Leatherbarrow, who was 28 years old, passed away unexpectedly. Rhys was one of those people who took life in stride and never allowed anything to bring him down. He was a joyful and loving young man who made it his life’s work to put a smile on the face of everyone he came in contact with. Both his charisma and his sense of humor were contagious. We count our time spent with Rhys among our most joyful memories and consider it a gift to have known him. We have been helped by Rhys’ family in a variety of ways for many years thanks to their continuing support.

We would like to show Rhys and his family how much we care by helping them financially so that they can cover the costs of his funeral arrangements and celebration of life. Since Rhys was such a huge admirer of musicals, I think it’s only fitting that I share this statement from The Lion King with you. “Love is going to find a way, no matter where we go. When all of us are here, there is no place like home. I would want to thank you in advance for your support. If you are interested in providing financial assistance to Rhys’ family, the school will be selling raffle tickets at a cost of one pound for each strip. You have the option of either sending the money in with your son or girl or passing it to the PA with a note indicating how many tickets you would want, with Mrs. Brown’s attention. Tickets will be sent home via the home/school planner, and a confirmation text or email will also be sent home with each ticket.


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